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Jouvert Jumbie by KI & The Band



Jouvert Jumbie by KI & The Band (2020 Soca). This song is for my little brother Shan. Thank you for letting me jump on your Riddim and believing in me. You have this Magic that you haven’t even touched yet, that I know the world will love and embrace when they hear it. I predict only greatness ahead for you little bro. Stay blessed. I love you!
This song is to say thank you for sharing that first 10 years of KI with me, and to introduce you to a new decade together. We’ve been through a lot together and I can’t wait to make new memories with all of you. Through a really challenging 2019 and return to stage in 2020, this song and what it means to me kept me going. I hold it closely to my heart. I hope that you’re able to connect and share with me what I feel. “Ah tell yuh is Oil and Water dripping down when the Jouvert Jumbie dem come!
#JJ #JouvertJumbie #KIandtheBand

Jouvert Jumbie | KI & The Band
Written by: KI
Produced by: Rich “Shan” Persad (Kingdom Sound)
Vocals recorded by: Rich Persad & Rishi Mahato (Maha Productions & Kingdom Sound)
Mixed by: Rich “Shan Persad” (Kingdom Sound)
Mastered by: Madman Johaan (Madmen Productions)

Video By: Fresh D Creator (Trinidad)
Special Thank You to the Next Level Devils


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