Kavita Ramkissoon Tac Tac Csm 2019

Kavita Ramkissoon


A true child of the tropical, warm and welcoming island of Trinidad and Tobago which I call home, I am Kavita Ramkissoon.
As if destined for the spotlight, I was blessed to be born into a musical family on September 29th, 1983. My musical voice and stage presence was nurtured by my father, Siew Ramkissoon – a top bhajan and local classical singer. At a young age I was able to develop my signature panache, which led me to compete in several top local competitions – Best Village, Independence Classical Singing, Mastana Bahar and Chutney Soca Monarch. I was able to excel in these competitions and so my talent was recognized by many local superstars. The budding artiste began to bloom and my star started to shine!






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