Kess “Dr Tunes” Ramroop – Jhulawe

Kess Dr Tunes Ramroop Jhulawe
Kess Dr Tunes Ramroop Jhulawe


Kess “Dr Tunes” Ramroop – Jhulawe [Official Audio] 2020 Traditional Chutney Music

Song Title – Jhulawe
Artiste – Kess “Dr Tunes” Ramroop
Production – Prince Bhajman (Prince One Productions) and Zaheer “Big Rich” Khan (Pungalunks Factory)
Dholak – Akash Daniel
Mix and Master – Big Rich (Pungalunks Factory)
Artwork and Video – Dr Tunes

Jhulawe means to rock. Here is a song we can all rock to!
Groovy Chutney just like the way it used to be!
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Originally done by Sundar Popo and Windsor Records.


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