Tujhse Naraaz Nahin Zindagi By Dr. Tunes

Kess Ramroop aka Dr Tunes


Kess Ramroop, or Dr. Tunes, is a vibrant artiste that hails from Fyzabad. His two passions in life are music and medicine.

He grew up in a humble and very family-oriented home, living with his parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle. At the tender age of thirteen, he unfortunately lost his mum. However, he is intent on representing her legacy to the best of his ability.

His passion for music started at age twelve where he got his first musical instrument, a guitar. He started singing along to the songs he played and eventually fell in love with singing.

To date, he has learned vocals, keyboard, songwriting and most recently, music production.

In his two years as a singer-songwriter, he has worked alongside the likes of Nishard M, Terry Gajraj, Master Saleem, Salty, 5 Star Akil and fellow aspiring artistes. He has released a total of twelve songs, produced by Rishi Mahato, Professor Bounty Targets and Big Rich.

His main goal is to change the negative stereotypes associated with the genre of Chutney-Soca and by extension, the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.
He would like to put his culture on the map whilst retaining what is culturally unique to his country.

Aside from music, he is in his fourth year of medical school, a dream that he has had since early childhood. His philosophy is, when you give someone health, you give them the opportunity to be happy.

This year, Dr. Tunes, has done a song entitled, “Bring D’ Liquor Come”. His music takes inspiration from everyday experiences, usually incorporating comedic elements. This year, it is no different. Everyone, at some point, has taken a drink to get over a stressful situation. Here is something we can party to!

He believes that he should be the Sangeet Chutney Cup Champion because he personifies what the competition represents. In a competition meant to breed new talent, he is as fresh as they come. Trained under Sri Rana Mohip, he has excelled vocally. This year, he has taken the world by storm, qualifying for the Chutney Soca Monarch Final, making him one of the fastest rising artistes in the industry. Possessing a strong educational and moral background, he has what it takes to be a great ambassador of the artform and hence the Sangeet Chutney Cup Champion!