Khoob Chamkay By Shiva Lakhan & Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Soca)

Shiva Lakhan Chamkay
Shiva Lakhan Chamkay


Shiva Lakhan brings you yet another “Beautiful Dance” of Traditional and Chutney Soca, created in New York’s esteemed X3me Studios and then mixed and mastered by the Hit making Pungalunks Factory. NOT ONLY was this fresh wedding masterpiece complimented by the magical musical geniuses, Rishi Gayadeen, Prince Bhajman and Dholak Master Rishi Mohan Lakhan, it also features Multi Chutney Soca Monarch King, Rikki Jai, adding his A class game to making this your favorite tune to make you chamkay away this season. Debuting December 31st to end your year with a bang… Khoob Chamkay, let’s do a beautiful dance into the New Year Together!!


Dulaha Rey tore pyaree dulahan
Khoob chamkay la (2x) (goree)

Hoto pey lipstick
Naino mey kajara (2x) ( goree)
Mathe key bindiya
Khoob dam keyla
Goree khoob chamkay la

Kahee pey sona
Kahee pey chandi
Kahee pey hira
Kahee pey moti
Kahee pey kangana
Khoob kan keyla. (Goree)
(khoob chamkay la)

Room joom key
Nache dulhania (2x) (joomay dulhania)
Goray mey payal
Khoob bajaay la
Khoob chamkay la.

This is Rikki’s part

Come on Dulaha
come on dulahin
Start to chumkay
Start to chumkay

Gyal you moving your waistline
like it is ah baul ah twine love the way you move your hips
love the colour of your lips
you doh need no diamond you doh need no gold
you doh need silver bracelets or no pearl
you is the sweetest woman in the whole wide world



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