Roti By Mr Nice Vibes (2019 Chutney Soca)

Kumar Sieunarine Mr Nice Vibes signs with Bentley Records

Chutney soca artiste Mr Nice Vibes has landed an international music recording and distribution deal.

Nice Vibes (Kumar Sieunarine), has been signed to New York-based American record label Bentley Records. The deal will see Bentley record and distribute his music, as well as book live performances around the world.

The San Fernando-born performer said he was elated to “level up” in his music career, and is looking forward to the “opportunities that will come” from his signing.

“First of all, this feeling is ecstatic. To be under the award-winning Bentley Records label allows me much more credibility. Now my brand will be more trusted. Also, this signing allows me much more opportunities, both locally and abroad, by means of sponsorships, representation and performances,” Mr Nice Vibes told the Express via WhatsApp yesterday.

Founded by award-winning R&B singer/producer Luca Dayz, Bentley Records is an established record label in New York, USA. The label is an affiliate of Korean label Sound Republica Inc and Warner Music Singapore.

Dayz and multi-platinum singer/voice coach Tina Karol are the Bentley’s two marquee signings. Well-known German DJ SQ, American pop singer Bielfield and Ameri­can rappers Kam Nasty, West Crav and DeAla­ mar are also signed to the Manhattan label.

Feels like graduation day

Nice Vibes, 43, has worked in music for just over two decades in T&T. The Trinity College London music graduate has performed with both Karma and Dil-­e-Nadan crossover chut­ney soca bands. He said being hand-picked by Dayz to join his label however feels like graduating from a major university.

“I made a comparison recently. It’s like going to a major university; when you graduate and you have that certificate in your hand, you’re now worth a lot more than before. To be signed allows me to show my versatility a lot more where I can now feel a lot more comfortable to experiment and fuse different types of music as I’m now exposed to a wider audience. In my own way, I can now make our local music here much more marketable,” he said.

Nice Vibes said his growing social media presence got the attention of the label. The San Fernando singer says he has diligently recorded and posted images and videos of his performances, rehearsals and life. He said all artistes should ensure they have an active social media presence as you are never quite sure who is taking note.

“My social media worked for me. For me, social media is a major way for artistes to expose their work to much more people who can be potential clients, customers and, in my case, a record label deal. I’m always posting clips and photos of performances, promos, rehearsals…anything music rela­ted,” he said.

Chutney can be a global staple

Nice Vibes said Bentley Records interest also validates the growing global appeal of chutney soca music. He said it’s now up to local acts to repackage and present the genre at a higher quality to ensure they capitalise on that interest.

“Soca is becoming a staple globally. I personally think that chutney soca/chutney needs a bit of repackaging and reconstruction to be accepted worldwide by different cultures and reach a wider audience. As with any product, the key to growth is evolution as we live in an ever-changing environment; what worked in the past may not work now,” he said.

That and a constant desire to improve your craft will make your creative product undeniable, he said.

“To maintain a healthy career needs focus, it needs humility and also very important is to stay connected to your craft and improve daily. The world nowadays is full of talent; always ask yourself, ‘Why should I be chosen instead of someone else?’.

“One thing I always practise is being grateful to all those who supported me. Without them, as an artiste, I will never be where I want to be. So to all my family and fans, I say thank you, and to Bentley Records, thank you also. Mr Nice Vibes has something unique to offer,” he concluded.


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