Life of adventure | The story of the Global Indian – Made in Britain

In this episode Co-creator Rajan and Divya Nazran have an open conversation about their experiences travelling around the world, from the good, bad and scary. Discussing everything from Malaria, Car jackings, through to the power of travel and its impact on parenting, marriage, understanding oneself and shifting the tides of identity.

The podcast was inspired by a question from the audience – Special thank you to Shivani (Thailand).

Welcome to the Global Indian Podcast – the world’s greatest journey and the official platform for people of Indian origin because let’s face it – we are everywhere. My name is Rajan Nazran and I explore – for over a decade I have traveled the world piecing together the kaleidoscope that is our community – I’ve been held hostage, faced ebola, and met extraordinary individuals, in destinations that would surprise you. In this season I am joined by my dear friends, where we will be taking you on a voyage for the ears as we plunge into the human experience of being a person of Indian origin and taking a closer look at the countries we now call home. Special thanks to Taizu for the intro music.

Presenter – Rajan NazranProducer – NazranRoth/Global Indian Series

Guest –Divya Nazran

Art design – Vanisha Patel

Social media Instagram – @thenazrans @Globalindianseries


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