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Ham ná jaibe balam ghar ho bhábhí Lyrics & Translation


Much of our Chutney music here in the Caribbean has influenced Bollywood. Its garam (hot) beats and mazedaar (savory) lyrics started a fad in Bollywood that is even prevalent today. In this 1985 number, sung by Alka Yagnik in the movie ‘Ghar Dwaar’, it is only too obvious that Sundar Popo’s ‘Ham Na Jaibe’ was the inspiration for the piece. From the hot and spicy Chutney melody to the lyrical sexual innuendos we see our Caribbean Chutney represented here on the Bollywood silver screen. Only the first line in the chorus, ‘Ham na jaibe balam ghar’ is in Bhojpuri while the rest of the song is in Hindi. This is necessary as Hindi will grab a wider audience all over India and internationally and Bhojpuri is not understood by all. Here Caribbean Hindustani showcases the original Hindi lyrics with transliteration and translation. Please enjoy:

हम ना जइबे बालम घर हो भाभी
Ham ná jaibe balam ghar ho bhábhí
(I shalln’t go to my beloved’s house, oh sister-in-law)
हमको लागे बहुत डर हाइ हाइ
(I’m very afraid, hái hái!)

पाके अकेले जो छेड़रेगा सइया
Páke akele jo chheřgá saiyá
(On getting me alone the way he will tease me)
घुँघटा उठके मरोडेगा बहिया
(Opening my veilhe twists my arm)
जब वो बुलाएगा करके इशारा
(When he calls to me with a signal)
जाऊंगी कैसे पलंग पर हाइ हाइ
(H0w shall I go to the bed, hái hái)

मैंने तो सब की नज़र से छुपाके
Maine to sab kí nazar se chhupáke
(I hid it from everyone’s gaze)
रखी थी कोरी उमरिया बचाके
(I had to protectmy untainted youth )
लुटे न जाऊँ कहीं ससुराल जाके
Luțe na jáún kahín sasurál jáke
(I shall it not be lost on going to my in-law’s house)
दिल मेरा काँपे थर थर हो भाभी
Dil merá kánpe thar thar, ho bhábhí
(My heart quivers, oh sister-in-law)

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