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Three nights before the wedding, the mother of the groom accompanied only by female family and friends, except for male drummers, go in procession to the waterside, where they invoke the Water of Life and Mother Earth.

Women sing, some songs with sexual innuendo and a few ribald, bawdy jokes, all associated with
the theme of procreation and fertility.

The mother collects earth (Dig Dutty), the matikor ceremony, and returns to the nuptial home where Mother earth is placed in the Garden and becomes a primal altar. Gariyal are naughty, playful songs sung by women. Ganiya are caste-specific work songs of castes like Dhobi (washer people), topaz (latrine cleaners), and bhangi (sweepers). Comic, ribald lyrics are sung in a boisterous manner and light quick tempo with hand-clapping. With the passage of time and mixing of castes, all these songs became Chatni, hot spicy music.