Dulahin Curry By Moses Charles (2020 Chutney Soca)

Moses Charles quits the Chutney Soca Industry


I Feel A Bit Sad As I Write This But Its Just To Say I’m No Longer A Chutney Soca Singer….
This Career/Hobby Served Me Very Well.. Each Moment I Experienced Happened In The Most Magical Way.
The Universe Always Gave Me Just What I Deserved And I Am So Grateful .. Every Artist, Musicians, Producers, Promoter, Radio Djs And Announcers Taught Me Valuable Lessons…. When I Didn’t Get The Production I Wanted, Or The Airplay I Desired, Or The Gigs I Wanted, It Was Not Your Fault .. It Was Always About How Bad I Wanted It And If I Was Willing To Improve Myself..
When I Did Improve Myself However I Got Through…
I Love Local Art Form… Especially Chutney, But My Journey As An Evolutionary Being Is Taking Me Somewhere Else… Here I Will Do The Same Thing, Put Smiles On People’s Face As Well…. “In A Different Way Though”.
So To George Singh , Rishi Mahato, Rishee Guyadeen, Kevin Khan, Professor Bounty , Zaheer Khan(bigrich) All The Artist, Djs , Announcers, Promoters, Fans… You Guys Know Yourself, I Love You..
You Helped Me Successfully Complete One Part Of My Journey….
Forever In My Heart….. Moses Charles…. #INDRANIgyaltellmewhyyouhorningme……


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