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Navratri Offerings


Nawratri is a period of 9 days/nights that are dedicated to the worship of the Divine Mother of the Universe. The nine forms of Devi are worshipped, together with Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati. Other Devis like Tulsi Maa, and the sacred rivers (Gangaa, Yamuna, etc), are worshipped.

These are the names of the nine forms of Devi Maa.

1) Shailaputri Devi
2) Brahmacharini Devi
3) Chandraghanta Devi
4) Kushmanda Devi
5) Skandamata Devi
6) Katyaayaani Devi
7) Kaalraatri Devi
8) Maha Gauri Devi
9) Siddhidaatri Devi

A guide to the worship of Devi maa.

Items needed for worship:
• Devi murti or picture
• A dry coconut
• ½ yard of red or yellow cotton
• Hardi
• Sindhoor
• Camphor
• Durga dhaar
• Incense
• Perfume
• Ghee
• Mango wood
• Lota of water
• Hawan kund
• Neem leaves
• Flowers

A hole, (leepayed neatly) preferably by the jhandi area can be made to offer dhaar.

Devi Dhaar consists of: Clove, nutmeg, white rice, honey or sugar, camphor, sindhoor, green hardi, neem leaves, Arahoor flower, water.
This can be made at home, or the dhaar can be purchased at your Puja Store.

• Sindhoor and Hardi should be offered in a clockwise direction around the hole 9 times.

• Perform arti with incense and camphor

• Offer dhaar while chanting the appropriate mantras as given below.

OM DUM DURGAYAI NAMAHA…. (day 1 to day 3)



For those who knows the Devi Gayatri can chant….

Durga maa gayatri:
Om kaatyaayanyai vidmahe, kanya kumari dhimahi, tanno durge prachodayat.

Lakshmi maa gayatri:
Om maha lakshmi cha vidmahe, vishnu patni cha dhimahi tanno lakshmi prachodyat.

Saraswati maa gayatri:
Om hamsa hamsa yai vidmahe param hamsaya dheemahe tano hamsa prachodayat.

Worship to the sacred coconut is important. Below, is a simple guide to doing so.

• Place coconut in a piece of red or yellow cloth
• Offer water
• Apply sindhoor and hardi in 9 places
• Perform arti with incense and camphor
• Offer neem leaves, a camphor, a sooparie, clove and a paan leaf.
• Tie the cloth.

Each day do worship, by offering jal (sprinkle of water), chandan, hardi, sindhoor, incense, flowers, neem leaves, and arti with camphor.

On the final day, perform hawan using these mantras.

Om bhooh swaha
Om Bhuva Swaha
Om Swah Swaha
Om Agnayaye namaha Swaha
Om Prajaapataye Swaha
Om Gam ganapataye namaha swaha
Om Prithivi matayai namaha swaha
Om Namaha Shivaya Swaha
Om Namo Hanumate namaha Swaha
Om Namo bhagawatay vasudevaya namaha swaha
Om Suryaya namaha swaha
Om Doom Durgayay namaha swaha
Om Ashta Lakshmi matayai namaha swaha
Om Saraswati matayai namaha swaha
Om Shailaputri Devi namaha swaha
Om Brahmacharini Devi namaha swaha
Om Chandraghanta Devi namaha swaha
Om Kushmanda Devi namaha swaha
Om Skandamata Devi namaha swaha
Om Katyaayaani Devi namaha swaha
Om Kaalraatri Devi namaha swaha
Om Maha Gauri Devi namaha swaha
Om Siddhidaatri Devi namaha swaha
Om Ishta Devta namaha swaha
Om Ishta Devi namaha swaha
Om Graam Devta namaha swaha
Om Sarva kul pitri swadha

Place a lighted camphor on the coconut. Hold coconut and Pray in your own way.

Recite: Om sarve bhyo deve bhyo namaha and the Durga Maa Gayatri while offering coconut in the fire.

Archman fire three (3) times. Take Blessings from hawan by passing hands over fire and entire body.

Om Shanti…..Om Shanti…..Om Shanti…