Neeshan Prabhoo D Hitman Biography

Neeshan Prabhoo aka “D Hitman” was born April 16th 1978 to Ramrajie Prabhoo. He is a professional Chutney Soca Artiste from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. He started his career at Sixteen (16) years of age, singing Film Songs and entering teen talent competitions. His first chutney song was recorded in ​1997​, which was the popular hit ​”Doh Hold Me Back”​ followed by several chart topping hits like ​“More Rum For Me”​ (Mr. Shankar) ​“Fire Water”​ and ​“Bring De Rum”​ featuring ​Bunji Garlin to name a few.

His award winning hit ​“More Rum For Me” ​became the biggest ​“crossover”​ song of its time and took ​D Hitman​ into the finals of the ​International Soca
Monarch Competition ​which started a series of worldwide ​Performance Tours ​for ​D Hitman. D HITMAN has Travelled to Holland, Spain, England, the USA and Canada and throughout the Caribbean to islands like Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Guyana, Suriname, St Kitts/ Nevis and St Maarten.


D Hitman won the “Best Chutney Soca Song Of The Year Award” at the 2005 International Soca Awards and subsequently won every major award in the Chutney Music Industry including the first ever Chutney Ambassador Award.


Over the years Neeshan “D Hitman” Prabhoo made a name for himself locally as well as abroad with hits like “Fire Water”, and “Pelt Up Your Glass” produced by disc jockey and producer BigRich. Along with International Reggaeton Artist Fito Blanko, Prabhoo experimented with a new genre
called “Chutneyton” which combines Chutney Music with Reggaeton which spawned a hit single called “Pretty Girl” and a music video that spiralled the duo into the hearts of each other’s respective markets.

In 2008, Prabhoo collaborated with Soca Artist Bunji Garlin for his hit entitled “Bring De Rum.” which again saw D Hitman crossing over into the soca market as well as topping the Chutney Soca Charts.

Some other notable collaborations include:

  1. “Tek Me Gyal” – Neeshan Prabhoo, ft Ravi Bissambhar
  2. “Weh Yuh From” – Neeshan Prabhoo, ft. Nisha Bissambhar
  3. “Jep Sting Naina” – Lalchan Babwa(Hunter), Ravi Bissambhar, Anil Bheem, Neeshan Prabhoo, Drupatee Ramgoonai, Andy Singh
  4. “Hangover Remix” – Neeshan Prabhoo, ft Slammer Cutta
  5. “Jhanjat” – Rooplal G, Ravi Bissambhar,Neeshan Prabhoo
  6. “Drunkard” – Soca Elvis, Andy Singh,Neeshan Prabhoo
  7. “Manzanilla” – Neeshan Prabhoo, Drupatee Ramgoonai
  8. “Whole Day Ah Liming” – Neeshan Prabhoo, Angels Band
  9. “Nuni Juice” – Neeshan Prabhoo
  10. “No Me” The Remix – Wataflo ft. Neeshan Prabhoo

Neeshan “D Hitman” Prabhoo
Chutney Soca Artiste,
Tel: 1 (868) 722 – 8705

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