New royalty to boost chutney-soca competition

CRC 2022 Rajkumar Rajkumari
CRC 2022 Rajkumar Rajkumari

SANDRA L BLOOD | is pleased to announce their youth competition, Rajkumar (Prince) & Rajkumari (Princess). From 2022 moving forward, this will be an appendage to their overarching production, The Rani & Raja Competition. Rani & Raja Competition (CRC) was the first of its kind, both physical and virtual, where male and female artistes performed in the same competition, and a raja (King) and rani (Queen) also crowned.

“The CRC committee was inspired by overwhelming positive feedback, making it easy for us to confidently continue the event and improve upon it by including the youth arm, all because the platform also resonates well with youth. We are also very committed to the development of culture,” explains founder and director, Jason “Floops” Sookram. “In 2022, four titles instead of two, will be awarded. The Raja, Rani, Rajkumar and Rajkumari or King, Queen, Prince & Princess.”The youth competition will follow the same rules as that of the Raja & Rani, and requires persons solely under the age of 18 to participate.

The reigning Raja and Rani are: Daddy Chinee and Navita Mahato.The CRC 2022 begins October 2021. Participants are asked to submit a one-minute video to of themselves singing their original song.

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