Nigel Sirju

Nigel Sirju
i am originally from Barataria ,but moved to Arima since 1989.
i have been gainfully employed as Reception/Office Clerk for the past 4 years at Lincoln Whan Tong Co Ltd
i live with my Mom Sister and Brother.
I have been singing for as long as i could remember, this year was my first attempt in the soca chutney arena.i have always had a passion for culture in my beautiful twin island republic ,especially the east indian culture. i believe we as east indians have made a valuable contribution to the upliftment of trinidad and tobago
if given the opportunity i would like to showcase not only to trinidad and tobago but the world that soca chutney is not only about rum and horning but a story and way of life about the success and contributions our forefathers brought to this land.