Ghungroo Toot Gaye By Nisha B Ft. Ravi B

Nisha Bissambhar Covid 19 Advisory


In this very trying time, I want to extend a message to everyone.

We have been asked , globally to refrain from gathering in public due to the obvious reason that we need to protect ourselves and each other.

Indeed, we are scared, we may lose patience, we may panic.
But we have the ability to be strong.
Our world has seen many, many struggles and we have survived. This too shall pass.
Meanwhile I urge you all , please abide. It is for the safety and upkeep of our future generation.
I know we are all doing our part to the best of our ability .

Excerise caution, patience with your children, love for humanity. Try your best to educate yourself and your children about the virus and make the right decisions if need be.
Don’t panic, its ok to be scared but please, have faith that God will shield & shelter.

To The Men.
Look at your family , your wife , your children. Your home is beautiful, so are they. They love you and you love them. You are their protector. Their keeper. You smile when they are happy. You guide and support them. You are indeed their hope.

To The Women.
You have always held your home together, the source of light. Look at your husband, your kids.
Life may not be perfect at times but you got their backs. You eat after they do, you rest after they do. You clean up and hold the fort even after a long day at work. You are indeed their strength.

To The Children.
You are the future.
You are the ones to carry on for generations.
Look at your mom & dad. Caregivers. Grandparents. Aunties , Uncles.
These are the people who uphold you through thick or thin. They aim tirelessly to provide & care for you.
You make your parents happy even when they are angry or sad.
You teach your parents the meaning of true love.
You are indeed their blessing.

Life surprised us but slowed us down to recreate life within life itself.
What is broken , can be fixed, as is, what goes up must come down.

Adhere to accomplish one of the greatest of tasks , survival.

Please be safe , everyone.
Stay blessed and pass on your blessings, pray for us all.

Nisha B

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