Nisha Ramsook

Nisha Ramsook Motor Bike Chutney Soca 2019

Nisha Ramsook,is one of the powerful female vocalist,performer and entertainer of the Chutney Soca Industry.She grew up in Bamboo Settlement #2 Valsayn.This was where she had most of her childhood memories.

Nisha has been singing since she was 14 yrs old and has no professional vocals training. She has a great passion for singing and as time passed her love for music grew. She sings and performs Soca,parang,Traditional Chutney,Bollywood and Chutney Soca.

At the age of 17 yrs Nisha recorded and released her first track the popular “Roast up d corn”.Till date Nisha has 18 recorded songs including originals and covers such as “Tere naino ne”,”Dulhaniya Chale”,”Motorbike” and “light it up”.
She also did collaborations with artistes such as Anil Pitie and Hitman.

Nisha entered the Chutney Soca Monarch CSM 8 times.In 2019 she finally made it to the finals which made her happy.In 2008 she recieved an award for ‘Most Promising Award the N.C.F.T.T and in 2006 she was awarded by the Community for Development as a role model for the upcoming youths.
She is also the holder of the 2015 “Emerging Artist” and placed 3rd in a table beating and singing competition.

Nisha continues to make a place in the hearts of her fans and the public and continues to record and release tracks.Nisha says that “Don’t ever give up on your dream,never give up because dreams do come true.

In 2021, She won the inaugural CSM 26 Queen of Chutney Soca 2021 with her song Fireman.

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