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Nishard M Pledges Xtra Help During This Pandemic


Nishard Mayrhoo Pledges Xtra Help During This Pandemic

If there are 2 things to be learnt from this whole pandemic, it’s how many little things we take for granted…and the importance of being there for one another.

With the entire entertainment industry being at a standstill, there are many of my brothers and sisters in music who are having a difficult time managing without any income. Together with some friends, my management and the kind folks at @xtrafoods, we took the initiative today to reach out to a few of these persons to show some love and support.

If you know anyone in our entertainment industry who needs assistance, please reach out to me via inbox or my management at 350-5344. We can only get through this together ❤️.
#nishardM 🇹🇹

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