Nishard Mayrhoo (Nishard M)

Nishard Mayrhoo
Nishard Mayrhoo

The talented ,Nishard Mayrhoo was born on July 29th 1987.He attended the Avocat Vedic School and the prestigious Presentation College in San Fernando, Trinidad. Later on he attended the University of the West Indies,where he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Geometric Engineering. Nishard didn’t have any musical background,but while he attended primary school his family,friends and teacher recognised he had natural talent.

Therefore because of the encouragement of these important people, in 1996 he entered the popular Children’s of Mastana competition. He was voted as the  people’s choice and was also the youngest to have competed at that time. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of bigger and better things for him. It was here that he met KI Kris Persad and Neval Chatelal which eventually blossomed into one of the greatest musical relationships.

At just a tender age of 8 years, Nishard was already hitting some of the big stages in Trinidad and the United States. He was already performing loves songs on some of the biggest stages and tugged the heartstrings of all his fans locally and internationally. He performed with some the biggest bands such as – Choti Sangeet Orchestra of Point Fortin, Dil Ki Awaaz  of Penal and the D Rampersad Indi Art Orchestra where he became the lead vocalist for the band.

As time went by Nishard started learning and playing the keyboard ,which was indeed a difficult task. He eventually started solo, a ‘one man band’ where he would sing,perform and play at the same time on his keyboard. He thrilled the crowd with this natural talent of his and people loved him.

It wasn’t too long after he met once again KI and Neval after many years of not seeing each other.  They then teamed up and produced two tracks with two different bands and another one “Om Shanti Om”. After this production he was officially invited to be a part of the Triveni Band, where he accompanied them on a tour to the Netherlands in 2008. He has been travelling throughout the world extensively and performing with the Triveni Band over the past seven years.

Nishard has been writing his own lyrics and is proud, that all his song thus far has been all original melodies. He is also working on his own studio,to produce music and showcase his talent as a producer. Nishard added that being a part of the JMC Triveni Orchestra has been a great learning experience for him. In 2012 he was in the spotlight when he released his original breakthrough song ‘Totin feelings’ which was well received by the public.

In 2014 Nishard placed 5th in the Chutney Soca Monarch competition as a first time finalist with the song “Mammy say”,then in 2015 he placed 3rd and 2nd in 2016. To further add to his success in 2018 and 2019 he was able to take the crown with first place,alongside Neval Chatelal.  As of now Nishard continues perform and entertain, produce and release music. He plans to continue taking Trinidad and Tobago’s culture all over the world.

Written by Sangeeta Harrypersad D’Songstar

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By Sangeeta D'Songstar

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