O Maninga Lyrics by Kanchan & Babla


As sung by Shrimatiji Kassri Narine from Guyana in 1973 and covered by Kanchan O Maninga.


0.(Ref) O manager, O manager; cutting (sugar) cane doesn’t pay at all.
Rice and flour dear (expensive) at shops; what (do) you mean by it all?

  1. People, people come let us go. People, people come let us go.(2)
    Pick up your sauce-pan, your cutlass and your hoe. (Refrain)
  2. I worked hard in the farmlands ’til my hand got a caan (corn).(2)
    When I get the money, it goes in the paan (pawn shop?). (Refrain)

  3. The manager (manja) left the estate, he had to go away.(2)
    When his partner heard that, she cried every day.
    Yes, she cried every day; she cried every day.
    Carry away me raja, I won’t stay anymore. (Ref)

  4. The manager went away – the (local) police took over. (2)
    What we have today, is more harder labor.
    Yes, it’s more harder labor; more harder labor.
    Carry away me raja, I won’t stay anymore.(Ref)



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