Dr. Visham Bhimull

Oka Boka Teen Toloka


In the colonial diaspora, Bhojpuri culture forms the main part. This is evident in the lyrics of a song that is sung during a children’s game called “Ika Boka”. In the video is a demonstration of this game being palyed in a Mauritian primary school. In Mauritius the game is called “Oka Boka” and the lyrics to the song is essentially the same with a few differences as compared to the Caribbean counterparts.

Here are the lyrics in Trinidad Bhojpuri to the song and it’s meaning:
इका बोका तीन तलोका (One, two, three worlds)
लावा लाठी चंदन काठी (popped rice, sticks and sandalwood in a tray)
चनना में का बा ? (What is in the sandalwood?)
इजल बिजल पान फूल (Ijal bijal betel leaf and fruit)
हथवा पचाक दे ! (Spread your hands!)
हथवा पचाक दे ! (Spread your hands!)
हथवा पचाक दे ! (Spread your hands!)
हथवा पचाक दे ! (Spread your hands!)

ताती ताती पूरिया (Hot hot puri)
घीउ में चपुरिया (Dip it in ghee)
हम खाइ के भौजी खाइ? (Will I eat it or Bhauji?)
भौजी पतरंगिया ! (Bhauji colourful)
धार कान में मुरिया (Hold on to the ear)

चिउटी के झगड़ा छोड़ाई देऊ चिउटा!
(The ant fights with the bachak)

This video has been mounted and subtitled by Mr Binda Vivek, The children who participated in this play game are from the Shiv Mahima Sabha Balsakha Hindi Paathshaalaa being run at the Gopeechand Chuttur Govt School, Ecroignard, Bel Air, Riviere Seche, Mauritius.

This video is subject to copyright and is being owned by the Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore & Oral Traditions of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Any excerpt used for reference purposes should be duly acknowledge and permission should be seeked from the MGI, Moka , Mauritius.

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