Omardath Maraj Quits Chutney Music Due To Fight Down


Shocking news!
The man responsible for the mega hits Balkissoon and Ramsingh Sharma, Ring Bang and others has announced his decision to stop recording music for a while.
Omardath Maraj issued a statement on Facebook a few minutes ago stating that he will not be doing any recordings any time soon.
He cited hypocrisy in the Chutney Arena.
Maraj said he hopes his music had an impact on the upcoming artistes and the fans.
It is indeed a sad day for the industry and fans of Maraj.

via Chutney Soca News

In the facebook post dated 21st September 2018 (See below); he stated:

Hi friends am so sorry to inform u,you are the ones that support all artists n promoters in our industry I won’t be recording in the near future. Hence there is to much fight down n hypocrisy in the chutney arena I really hope the ones that stab u in the back may be in every show n keep the music alive I am just passing I hope my music had an impact on the upcoming artists n you the fans love always OMARDATH MARAJ