Phool Tumhe Bheja Hai by Dave Lall & Veronica Budhan


Dave Lall & Veronica Budhan do a 2017 Bollywood Cover of Phool Tumhe Bheja Hai taken from the film Saraswati Chandra and sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

Music Powered By: Avi of Supertones
Mastered By: Natty Ramoutar
Small Axe Studio


फूल तुम्हें भेजा है ख़त में ,फूल नहीं मेरा दिल है ( Female)
phool tumhe bhejaa hai khat mein, phool nahin meraa dil hai
Flower have I sent you in this letter, it is not a flower but my heart

प्रियतम मेरे मुझ को लिखना, क्या ये तुम्हारे क़ाबिल है
priyatam mere mujh ko likh na, kyaa ye tumhaare kabil hai
O,my sweetheart, you write and let me know if it is worthy of you

प्यार छुपा है ख़त में इतना, जितने सागर में मोती ( male)
pyaar chhupaa hai khat mein ithnaa, jithne saagar mein moti
there is so much love hidden in this letter, like the number of pearls in the ocean

चूम ही लेता हाथ तुम्हारा ,पास जो तुम मेरे होती
chuum hi letha haath tumhaaraa, paas jo tum mere hotii
I would have kissed your hand, if you were nearby

फूल तुम्हें ….( Female)
phool tumhe …
Flower have I sent

नींद तुम्हें तो आती होगी ,क्या देखा तुमने सपना ( Female)
neend tumhe to aatee hogee, kyaa dekhaa tumne sapanaa
you must be falling asleep, what dreams did you have?

आँख खुली तो तनहाई थी, सपना हो न सका अपना (male)
aankh khulee to tanahaee thee, sapanaa ho naa sakaa apanaa
when I woke up, there was loneliness, the dreams could not become mine

तनहाई हम दूर करेंगे , ले आओ तुम शहनाई ( Female)
tanhaee hum door karenge, le aao tum shehanaaee
I will keep your loneliness away, you just bring the trumpets

प्रीत बढ़ाकर भूल न जाना, प्रीत तुम्हीं ने सिखलाई (male)
preet badhaakar bhool naa jaanaa, preet tumhee ne sikhalaayee
Increasing the love don’t forget it, you are the one who taught me love

फूल तुम्हें ….( Female)
phool tumhe …
Flower have I sent

ख़त से जी भरता ही नहीं अब, नैन मिले तो चैन मिले (male)
khat se jee bhartaa hi nahin, ab nain mile to chain mile
the heart is not satisfied with the letter only, when eyes meet, there will be peace

चाँद हमारे अंगना उतरे , कोई तो ऐसी रैन मिले
chaand humaare angnaa utare, koyi to ayesee rain mile
the moon lands in our compound, let there be such a night

मिलना हो तो कैसे मिले हम, मिलने की सूरत लिख दो
milanaa ho to kaise mile hum, milane kee surat likh do
if we have to meet, how shall we, write the way of meeting in the letter

नैन बिछाये बैठे हैं हम , कब आओगे ख़त लिख दो ( Female)
nain bichhaye baithhe hain hum, kab aaoge khat likh do
I am looking forward to you, when will you come, write a letter

फूल तुम्हें … ( Female)
phool tumhe ..
Flower have I sent





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