Questions Regarding Pitra Paksh

Punditlutchmidath Persad Maharaj
Regularly asked questions regarding Pitra Paksh.
Baba ???
Can a lady offer tarpan??
The answer is yes.
She can Offer for her ancestors and her Dulahas ancestors if she is married.
Can we do regular pooja and light deeyas and offer Dhar during patra Paksh?
We can light our deeyas but Dhar should be only water and tulsi to Surya and Bhagwan Vishnu. No elaborate worship except Gita Paath and Vishnu Bhagwan Pooja.
Can we continue building or trade and new business ?
Once you started before PP you can continue, if you have to commence a new job you can simply keep some money from that first pay to offer as gifts of sweets for little children and elderly persons. If you have to collect a vehicle you can and do a simple blessing until the Naw Raatri for more elaborate blessing.
Can we remove the kush grass after tarpan?
The kush can be kept planted if it still green and looks well. The head must be untied after the few days.
Can one Kush work for several family members?
Yes certainly.
How come you say we can offer inside when long time people use to go behind god back to offer this dead food? 😊
It was the impression that this food was to feed the departed and this was a grave misconception. This food and tarpan is offered to Bhagwan and the merit of such goes in favour of our ancestors. There is a fundamental difference. The food particularly is offered at midday and the Suns rays absorb the energy and mantras carry the love and vibrations of our sincere prayer to the Surya Lok. It is there bagwan sends the merit and Benedictions of our offerings to the Pitri Lok to be accepted by our ancestors.
Thereby we are blessed richly by our Pitris or guardian Ancestral Angels.
Credits to – Punditlutchmidath Persad Maharaj

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