Popular Chutney Artist accuses Ravi B and George Singh of spoiling Chutney Music

On October 10th 2018, Chutney artist Wackerman aka Kerron William posted a video to his facebook account that remonstrated his disgust with the abuse of Bollywood melodies in modern-day Chutney Soca. He also stated that George Singh, CEO of Southex Promotions, the company behind the Chutney Soca Monarch competition was the main reason for the rampant use of Bollywood music adoptions that makes it difficult for original compositions to shine through.

Chutney Soca songs that use Bollywood melodies have an unfair advantage in the competition as fans are already familiar with the melodies and due to this euphoria, they quickly latch onto a Chutney soca song done in this way. Please see the video below for further information:

Here are some of the highlighted comments on the video:

The use of bollywood melodies is a recurring topic here on ChutneyMusic.com and we have many Chutney styled Bollywood covers documented on our website. All though we cannot speak for artists like Ravi B or influencers like George Singh, our reason is simple; “The fans love it and can’t get enough!”. Our top searched songs Ravi B’s Start Over, Rikki Jai’s Remedy and GI’s Divorce are all Bollywood adaptations.

What are your views on the use of Bollywood melodies in Chutney Soca?



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