Celebrating Pride Month Like Mohini & Highlighting Indo-Caribbean Drag

Sohan Badall

Celebrating Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹❤️

Like everyone else I have had my challenges in society and the community. The biggest challenge is the way most people treat you because of your sexuality. My early Childhood years wasn’t easy at all. I was young and 20 years ago being gay was way more difficult than now.”

“Religion is always thrown at us. I have had tons of social media slander over the years. Whenever I walked the streets and malls etc. I had to be prepared mentally for all the ridicules and stares, I often easily became targeted and a public ridicule.”

But here I am, still breathing and standing stronger than ever & endlessly comfortable in my skin. I have the strongest mind set. Everyone is created beyond our sexuality and we all have a purpose.

Live, love and embrace it. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹❤️

I will like to thank Marcus Kissoon for highlighting and Celebrating INDO CARIBBEAN DRAG. It was an esteem pleasure to have been selected to be featured in this Celebration of this rich artform. Look out for the upcoming documentary “Like Mohini” conceptualized and produced by Marcus Kissoon.

Model/Drag Entertainer : Sohan Badall (The Dancing Diva)

Makeup Artist Credits for this Shoot: Sudesh Ramsaran

Hairstyle and Styling by: Sohan Badall

Camera Credits to : Christopher Deonarine

Special Thanks to Lalita Abbigail Christopher for her continued support in all my endeavours. Definitely beyond the call of a friend, more like a sister in the entertainment industry.

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