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Pulkit Samrat's lockdown mantra: Rather than getting anxious, irritated, figure…


Pulkit Samrat is known for his Bollywood films such as Fukrey (2003), Sanam Re (2016) and Fukrey Returns (2017).

Concern around mental health has been the talking point since the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown started. More than anything, people facing mental breakdown are being motivated to speak up. Pulkit Samrat, too, advocates the same. The actor urges everyone to be compassionate towards those facing difficulties during these trying times.

He tells us, “Social media helps you stay connected, but we can’t survive without real communication with loved ones. The present uncertain times are disturbing, but you can’t spend your lockdown getting anxious or irritated. That will disturb your mental peace all the more.”

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Samrat’s Instagram feed highlights how he is spending this time positively, keeping all the negatives at a bay. “If you are in a bad state of mind then you would end up snapping at people, getting irritated. It’s happening with many. The best way to avoid that is by doing things that take away the stress. I’ve been enjoying baking with whatever is available at home,” adds the actor.

Lack of patience also affects mental health and Samrat says the more one sulks worrying about future, the more it affects. “Rather, figure out answers and ways to cope up. I am saying all these from learning from the mistakes I committed, the ups and downs I faced,” he adds.

Samrat,36, feels that one must not hold on to any sort of guilt. “If you think you have made a mistake compensate. But don’t feel guilty for over sleeping or over eating on a particular day. We all have such days,” he says.

The actor says his family, brother, Ullas, girlfriend, actor Kriti Kharbanda and dog Drogo, helping him cope with his bad days. “Many say that I’ve the luxury to do certain things. But if this crisis had happened a few years ago when I didn’t have all these I would have still done something like painting, learnt more magic tricks that I enjoy.”

Samrat says social media trolling also adds up to the worry. “Lessen your screen time. Filter out all the negativity and fake news,” he advises.

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