Ram Ra Silli by Climaxxx & Jameer Hosein

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ClimaxXx goes traditional this time around; with his second release for the 2018 carnival season! This track was recorded alongside one of the country’s classical kings – Mr Jameer Hosein (now deceased). The song was originally done by Mr Hosein 48 years ago. Surely, we can all agree that it was about time to bring the spotlight back onto Mr Jameer Hosein’s amazingly powerful voice! That being said, ClimaxXx definitely stepped up to the plate, together with this legend, to give us this hot, waist breaker item! Rishi Mahato and Maha Studios can once again takes credit for this production.

Vocals: ClimaxXx & Jameer Hosein
Lyrics: Jameer Hosein (Hindi); ClimaxXx (English)
Production: Maha Studios
Video & Artwork: Himraj Bir
Sponsor: CNJ Pooran Enterprise
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Ram Ra Silli- Climaxxx & Jameer Hosein (Chutney 2018)


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