Rasika Dindial – Lazy Man


Rasika Dindial – Lazy Man (Them Man and Them So Lazy, They Don’t Want to Wuk!)


0.(Ref) These men are now so lazy, they don’t want to work.(2)
They only want to sit down, in the hammock and rock. (2)
These men are now so lazy, they don’t want to work. (2)

1. I told him to clean up the yard, and cut away the grass. (2)
He said he couldn’t do it, ‘cause he can’t hold a cutlass. (Ref)

2. Two times this week, he went with friends to the river. (2)
But I have to stay home, & kalbalaiye (work out) my liver.(Ref)

3. If I ask him to take me out, he would always refuse. (2)
No matter how I pleaded, he always has an excuse. (Refrain)

4. If I step out the house, I have to reach back before six. (2)
If I only say anything, I would get a lot of licks. (Refrain)


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