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Ratiya Mein Dulaha Lyrics


Ratiya Mein Dulaha Lyrics, Translation & Meaning:
In Trinidad Bhojpuri tradition, the ‘Gaari’ (Std. Hindi ‘gaali’) songs were a customary picong between the bridegroom’s and bride’s family giving salacious insults meant to tease each other during a much lighter part of the wedding. Both sides hurled light hearted teasing comments in song against other.

Here is a remake of a famous Bhojpuri Gaari sung by Sundar Popo:

Bhojpuri Lyrics with English Translation

Note well this English Translation is not a word for word but is presented in a form that the reader could appreciate the context. The English used is Trinidad Creole.

रतिया में दुलहा के मौसी बोलल गइल
Ratiyá meñ dulahá ke mausí bolal gail
Late in de night an aunt telling de bridegroom

कर के पत्ता करार
Kar ke pattá karár
all the information about his family.

समधी भरवा रे
Samadhí bhrawá re
That his father in law is a pimp.

तोरे बहिनिया खोजे चले भतार
Tore bahiniyá khoje chale bhatár
The sister in law only looking for man.

दुलहा के मइया पटकी चुनरिया
Dulahá ke maiyá pațkí chunariyá
His mother only shaking her orhani.

मटकन भतार खोजे जा के बजरिया
Mațkan bhatár khoje já ke bajariyá
Walking in a sexy manner in the market, looking fuh husband (or more men).

लौंडन के रस लिल कइ झार
Laundan ke ras lil kai jhár
The way she moves her body attracts the young boys.

दुलहा के फुवा जोबना देखल गइल
Dulahá ke phúwá jobaná dekhal gail
How his aunt only watching de young fellas!

गोरे गोरे गलवा चूमे के देले गइल
Gore gore galawá chúme ke dele gail
she is kissing dem pon dey cheek an ting (flirting)

कर के सोलहो सिंगार
Check how she dressing sexy.

दुलहा के मामी घरे ना आइले हो
Dulahá ke mámí ghare ná áile ho
The groom’s mother not coming home at all and is neglecting her housework.

सब से करार घरी भागी ले आइले हो
Sab se karár gharí bhágí le áile ho
She only making fares with everybody.

ना लगली कोई जुगाड़
Ná lagalí koí jugár
She doesn’t want to stay home.

दुलहा के चची सबनी के देले गइल
Dulahá ke cháchí sabní ke dele gail
The groom’s sister in law giving everybody she thing.

पाँच – दस तकुवा सबनी के लेले गइल
Pánch-das takuwá sabní ke lele gail
Check how dem line-up 5 by 10 for the thing

कर देल कइ चालू कारबार
Kar del kai chálú kár-bár
Her thing out like hot hops.


दुलहा (dulahá) – bridegroom
मौसी (mausí) – maternal aunt
समधी (samadhí) – daughter’s/son’s-in -law father
खोजे (khoje) – to look for
मइया (maiyá) – mother
चुनरिया (chunariyá) – orhani/veil
बजरिया (bajariyá) – the market place
फुवा (phúwá) – paternal aunt
चूमे (chúme) – to kiss
मामी (mámí) – mother’s brother’s wife
चची (cháchí) – father’s younger brother’s wife

Translated by Dr. Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani.

Did you agree or disagree with this translation, if not please advise what is a better interpretation in the comments below.






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