Ravi B x Jahllano – Rum In Meh Veins Remix

Ravi B x Jahllano - Rum In Meh Veins


Ravi B x Jahllano – Rum In Meh Veins (Official Video 2021)

Title: Rum In Meh Veins
Vocals by: Ravi B & Jahllano
Written by Ravi B & Jahllano (HillTop)
Producers: Basslab, Maha Productons, Jeev Beatz, Professor Bounty
Executive Producer: Ravi Bissambhar
Directed by: Ravi Bissambhar
Trap Rhythm: Rajeev Sankar (JeevBeatz Miami)
Bass: Anil Bissambhar (Basslab)
Live Tabla:Anil Bissambhar (Basslab)
Keys: Ravi Bissambhar (Ravi B)
Additional keys (Piano): Ian Ochoa
Background vocals: Natalie York
Live Tabla recorded by: Professor Bounty
Additional arrangements: Professor Bounty Studios by
Anil and Ravi Bissambhar
Additional drum tone adjustments: Rishi Mahato and Anil Bissambhar
Vocals recorded by: Rishi Mahato (Maha Productions)
Mixed by: Anil Bissambhar and Rishi Mahato
Mastered by: Rishi Mahato (Maha Productions)

Directed by: Ravi B & Nicholas Ajodha
Camera & Edit: Nicholas Ajodha
Production: Ajodha Concepts
Drifter: Rajeev Suchit
Drift Scene recorded at: Xtra Foods Endeavor Basement
Flames: Firepower


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