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Record Breaking Ravi B’s Start Over hit 1 Million Views in only 1 Month!


It is official the 2019 Chutney Soca season is going to be bumper as Ravi B’s Start Over crosses over 1 million views on YouTube in only 1 month and in the preseason. this is a phenomenon as the peak season for Chutney Soca is January/February when Chutney Music Lvoers are gearing up to hear the contenders for the Chutney Soca Monarch Competition.

The song has received criticism for being just another borrowed Bollywood melody. One popular dj was even quoted as saying “Why he spoil the people them song!”.

But it is evident that chutney music lovers as well as our fan base love this song. In fact, Ravi B has topped the Top 10 Countdown for an impressive 4 week run. It is clear favourite as it has received over 2000 searches on as at the date of this article. The song further impresses in its ability to move this fan to tears.

If all of this does not impress you, one fan was amazed at the high production quality of the music video and commented that “d video bad fuh days!”

Click here to learn more about or listen to Ravi B’s song Start Over.