Reehanna Gopaul Dislikes How Chutney Artists Are Being Portrayed

Reehanna Gopaul dislikes how Chutney Artists are being Portrayed

Chutney Artist, Reehanna Gopaul took to social media earlier this week to remonstrate how Chutney Artists are being toyed with. The stand she took has resonated well with Chutney Music Industry personnel. Please see the comments below:

So im seeing individuals posting about the charity show hosted by Southex on the 30th May…yall wanna know artistes dont give back!!!!! the SAME PEOPLE YALL COME AND ASK TO DO CHARITY SHOWS for yall when a family member is ill and need funds for medical purposes! The same people yall ask for temple shows to give their time freely AND WE DO IT FOR FREE FOR YALL!!!!!! Some artistes perform for a living… anyone of yall study that??? Their sole income is from performing… we have bills… some people perform and work for non essential businesses so we have NO INCOME coming in and have bills just like yall… NO ONE IS HOLDING A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TO DONATE TO THE CAUSE… BUT NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ASK FOR A BEST PRICE AND HAVE A FULLY STOCKED BAR AT YOUR EVENT WE SHALL CHARGE YOU OUR FULL PRICE…. I DO NOT REGRET POSTING THIS..

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