Reshma Ramlal fighting Depression

Battling Depression: Reshma Ramlal is fed up with Fake Profiles Bashing Her


Depression is real yes 😭
Just tired of people trying to bring me down .
I don’t be in anyone’s way I work hard for everything I want and yet still these assholes does just love tarnishing my good name .
Dont you all know when do these things to people it affects their home , loved ones and income . My daughter is sitting cxc soon she is stressed knowing what people doing to her mom and brother good name . She cant focus because she knows how ppl are they only have to hear some false acusation and they will choose to believe it . It will affect her at school because kids will bully her and say your mom and brother is a thief they dont want to hear the truth . These rumours can affect my son from getting a job . I’m not no rich person I work hard to feed my family . These things can affect me from getting gigs or getting clients .
What did I do to these people . I dont cut up anyone on gigs I dont rob or steal or have time to bash anyone . Everyone will say dont study it but you dont no my life you all dont no how hard it is for me . I’m fed up for years of this same crap . When my career is starting back on the right track here it goes again.
Why me ?what did I do to you all ?
I have no parents to talk to
No family besides my kids so to the fake PROFILES you’re not only bashing me but you’re hurting my family and taking a bread from their mouths . Yes ppl making fun of the matter and I may laugh at times but y’all dont no how my tears are flowing constantly. I’ve worked hard to for my good name . My son is taking it hard altho he is not showing it . My child working hard to carry on his grandfather and my tridition in music . What did he do to you all ?
There is nothing anyone can say right now to comfort us because you all dont know how we are feeling.

I’m so fed up 😭






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