Ria Sookdeo


My Name is Ria Sookdeo (stage name is Ria). I hailed from the beautiful vibrant and talented village of Sangre Grande. I was born and raised in a family of eight siblings with me being the sixth child. Both my parents are alive and has always been a great support.
Being in love with music my whole life, I diverted to Indian culture as both my singing and dancing career began at a tender age. I am also an Indian dancer along with my sisters who has an east indian dance group. Being a dancer and a devotee of the temple it ignited my passion for singing. I started singing at weekly temple services then eventually my parents took the initiative to enrolled me in an east Indian band in Sangre Grande where I later started performing at weddings, functions and parties.
I also participated in many competitions such as Mastana Bahar and Children’s of Mastana (1st place winner). This was my first year recording and releasing a song which was written by Mr. Kenneth Seepersad. I think I should be the Chutney Cup Champion because the concept of singing has been around since the beginning of time. Even before civilization came to exist, one of the forms of communication was seen to be done via singing. Even Today, in every culture, be it our modern, developed cultures, or nomadic, tribal cultures, the significance of singing still holds its place. The chutney art form is dying and if given the opportunity I’ll showcase my talent locally and internationally so chutney music can be a part of our everyday lives and the younger generation will be knowledgeable about it.