Rikki Jai celebrates his birthday and prepares to commemorate 30yrs as a Professional Singer in 2019

The Jaimaster was waxing philosophically as he took a retrospective look at his life in a Facebook post dated 18th October 2018. He expressed thanks for having the love and support of his many fans the world over and credited that love that propelled him to have a 30 year plus career. He also stated that the “road life” was not an easy one as he would have to rush home to spend time with loved ones especially on his birthday. Mr. Jai shows no sign of slowing down and is looking physically fit for purpose. We here at Chutneymusic.com know he will deliver more hits in the years to come. You can review his song catalog here.

Please see his own words below:

Birthdays are always special times for most folks and its a time most want to spend with friends and family. Last two years i have spent half of my birthday on a plane rushing back to Trinidad to be with my family and friends and spend that quality time with them as well. This morning i just wanna say thanks to all of you who have taken time from your busy schedules to offer your best wishes and blessings to me as i celebrated another great and successful year on planet earth.

Your love and support and kind words are the very fuel that keeps me going in dark and troubled times and you all are the reason for my going forward and doing my best to be relevant musically and to keep breaking new frontiers and barriers. if not for you all my family and friends i would be nothing.So thanks again for the love and support and may god bless and enrich your lives continuously.

2019 is gonna be a celebratory year for me as i move into my 30th year as a professional recording artiste/entertainer so look out for all the new music and videos. if you have not done so as yet please subscribe to my Youtube Channel “Rikkijaimusic” and together lets take my brand of music to the world !!!!!
Again thanks for the love and God Bless and may the Force be with you !!!!!🖖


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