Rikki Jai Pnm

UNC Heat for Rikki Jai Writing a PNM Song

Chutney Soca Artist, Rikki Jai has come under fire from UNC (United National Congress) supporters for writing an Trinidad Election 2020 song for the People’s National Movement (PNM). The Trinidad and Tobago 2020 Election is scheduled for August 10th 2020. The Election is one of the closest ever in which any party can win. Amidst the backdrop of Covid 19 and Elections, people are on edge in Trinidad and Tobago.

Chutney Music Industry Officials have come out in support of their comrade:

Allyuh want to bash Rikki Jai for singing a PNM song/commercial… You people for real? You ever thought to yourself he may have been paid by the PNM as he was by the UNC 5 years ago to do a song for them? Is it that he’s Indian so he must only sing for the perceived Indian party? That is why our politics will never change. Despite the best intentions of many, the rest want it to be all about race. Let’s even say that Rikki has other reasons for not dealing with the UNC, how is that your business? Do you know his life story? Grow up and educate yourself…

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