Risking my life for a conscience vote | Big Oil & Guyana

The fear of being assassinated is not a fear most can relate to so imagine fleeing your country to hide, all because you used the power of your public office to make a stand for what was right.

Our guest Charrandas is a renowned Guyanese MP who caused a political storm after he voted against his own government in a no-confidence motion and caused it to collapse in December 2018. Expelled from his party over his vote, he was terrified for his own safety because of Guyana’s history of political assassinations and a public threat to his life from a fellow MP.

Charrandas’s single vote made history in Guyana and the Commonwealth Caribbean, except for the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In this episode, Rajan travels to Guyana as part of the Fighters Season to discuss the who, what, where and why of what happened and salute the rare, reassuring occasion we see an MP do what is actually right for society. Today’s podcast is as unnerving as it is courageous.

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Presenter – Rajan Nazran

Producer – Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest – Charrandas Persaud

Art Design – Vanisha Patel

Social Media – @RajanNazran @globalindianseries

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