Sadhana Lila heads New Hindi Pop Band, WOLFPACK from the Netherlands.

Sadhana Lila heads New Hindi Pop Band, WOLFPACK


Hindi pop sensation Sadhana Lila from the Netherlands started a brand new band together
with Vixz Project management. The band is called Wolfpack. It’s a band with two front
singers at the moment and five musicians. The male front singer is called Sunil Nakched and
the female front member is Sadhana Lila herself. The five musicians are Krishna Chinnoe
(percussion), Irfaan Hoesenie (drums), Anwar Hoeseni (keys), Prashand Sahtoe (guitar), Suraj
Ramdien (bass guitar). The group has been busy for a couple of months now and recently
introduced themselves publicly. They gained a lot of positive reactions. Wolfpack is an
allround band, they focus on different kind of genre’s. They play covers and original songs
they created themselves. They’re working on their album right now. They’re goal is to go
international, do a lot of gigs and and just have a good time with the group.

Sadhana Lila came up with the concept. She started making music in 2006. She was member
of a famous hindipop band for five years. After that she continued solo and was signed and
supported by Vixz Gowrising (Vixz Project Management). She achieved a lot of her goals. She
performed in the UK, Spain, Italy, Surinam and of course numerous times in her own
homecountry Holland. She performed together with worldfamous artists such as Rahat
Fateh Ali Khan, Imran Khan, Arjun, Tasha Tah, Raghav, opened up for Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet,
toured with. K.I. and more. Her favorite type of music is chutney. She once started in 2006
with English punk rock music. She still has a passion for that as well. Music is something
that’s universal, that’s why she just wants to make all kinds of music together with her band

Sunil Nakched is a singer from Surinam. He started singing since he was a little boy. When he
entered a singing contest he knew that he wanted to become an artist. After being a
member of various bands in Surinam he decided to move to the Netherlands and persue his
singing career. There is still a lot he wants to achieve. He is happy to be part of Wolfpack.
One more new front member is joining Wolfpack. This will be announced soon.

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