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Let’s Salute our Living Local Classical Singers


I wish to publicly salute some of our legendary local classical singing master’s of tent singing that’s still alive & going strong …………..USTAD James Ramdass……….also still with us is ustad’s SAM BOODRAM , LEON RAMPERSAD , MOONILAL GIRDHARRIE , SONNY MATTHEW (afro-trinidadian), Dillip surujdeo (residing in Toronto) , LILLY RAMCHARRAN MOON ( female legend) , Bansraj ramkissoon (residing in Toronto ) Hansraj Ramkissoon (residing in Florida ) Ashok Yankarran ( residing in the USA ) Dino Boodram ( residing in the USA) RAJDAI SOOKRAJ – these are some of our local legends that blazed the trail & lead the foundation for the 3rd , 4th & generations to come & if you all know of any other that’s alive let’s salute them as we enter MAY the month of Indian arrival 2020.

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