Sam Boodram (Lion of Cumuto)

Sam Boodram White

BIOGRAPHY OF SAM BOODRAM Better known as the Lion Of Cumuto

Sam Boodram was born on July 14th 1933 and passed away on the 30th June 2020. He grew up in Aranguez Trinidad to the late Babonie and Boodram Balroop. At the age of 10, his parents relocated to Cumuto where he met the late Ramcharitar who stoked his passion for music.

Sam Boodram started singing local classical music in 1947 at a tender age of 14. He then moved on to chutney, religious and tan singing.

Sam Boodram got married to Cynthia Panday Boodram in the year of 1954. She is the sister of Basdeo And Subhas Panday. Mr and Mrs Boodram has 6 children, 12 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Sam Boodram was given the name the Lion Of Cumuto by the late Mr. Pat Mathura .

72 years later, The Lion of Cumuto still contributes to this art form by performing all over Trinidad & Tobago, England , U.S.A., Canada, Guyana.

Sam Boodram writes, reads and understands hindi which makes it even easier for him to compose songs most of which mainly praises to the lord or pertaining to weddings. Sam Boodram is well known for hits  like Lalana khoose , Doolhar, Mano Mano.

He has given back to the Chutney Music industry by mentoring some of the young and upcoming artist in the music industry, he made numerous collaborations with artist such as Mr. Raymond Ramnarine, Devashish Ramdath just to name a few.

In 2020, Sam Boodram aged 86 is known as the oldest living Chutney legend with over 6000 songs recorded. He chooses to  spend his days reading the Ramayan.

Written by Samatha B.

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