Fake Profile Now Fake Email Second Attempt To Frame This Chutney Music Producer

Fake Profile now Fake Email: Second Attempt to Frame this Chutney Music Producer


Someone made a fake email address in the name of Chutney Producer, Kevin Khan (KK) and sent a email alleging some libelous and defamatory things about certain yet mostly persons that are currently on the Top of the Chutney Music Industry. This is the second time, KK’s name has been used to say these kinds of things.

The first time; A Chutneymusic.com official received a friend request on the birthday of notable producer Kevin Khan better known as KK Studios. Upon accepting friend request, the official was tagged in the following status amongst others.

When concerned parties contacted the producer in question; he posted the following statement on his official profile.

The music industry is no stranger to fake profiles who try to cause unnecessary confusion. Fake profiles on Facebook have also become rampant for persons who wish to express their true feelings but hide behind these facades.

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