Sham Sundar Lyrics


Please see the Hindi/Bhojpuri lyrics below with a line by line English Translation:

The folk tradition in Bhojpuri demonstrates the unit of a family, and usually the extended family, in a community and how they work together with the love they have for each other. Here is a popular Chutney song that expresses this concept.

श्याम सुन्दर गगरी उठावे
Shyām sundar gagarī uṭhāwe
(The beautiful dark earthen pot I lift)
हमार गले मुंगे के माला
Hamār gale munge ke mālā
(On my neck the ruby chain)

बलमा उठावे महला दो महला
Balamā uṭhāwe mahalā do mahalā
(My beloved, builds two palaces)
देवरा उठावे सीवाला
devrā uṭhāwe sīwālā
(My small brother-in-law erects a temple)

जेठा उठावे महला दो महला
Jeṭhā uṭhāwe mahalā do mahalā
(My big brother-in-law builts two palaces)
बलमा उठावे सीवाला
Balamā uṭhāwe sīwālā
(My beloved erects a temple)



Medical Doctor and Linguistics enthusiast, Dr. Visham Bhimull, does an interpretation of the Bollywood styled crossover hit “Sham Sundar” made popular by Prematee Bheem and the covered by her granddaughter Pritivi Bheem, the daughter of Anil Bheem. Pritivi’s version at the date of the article is set to surpass 3 million views on YouTube which is a phenomenal feat for any chutney song! You can learn more about Pritivi’s version here.
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