Sharad Navaratri ki hardik shubhakaamanayen

Sharad Navaratri ki hardik shubhakaamanayen!
A compilation of verses from the Rigveda in offerings to the ritual fire (Agni) for the sake of the Universal Goddess or the Remover of ‘durg’ or obstacles), during this the Sharad Navratri (The Nine Auspicious Nights of Spring dedicated to Goddess of the Universe.)

जातवेदसे सुनवाम सोममरातीयतो निदहाति वेदः। स नः पर्षदति दुर्गाणि विश्वा नावेव सिन्धुं दुरितात्यग्नि: ॥ (RV 1.99.1)
(We press out the ambrosia to the God of Fire who is the conduit of our oblations to the Divine. May he, the all-knowing, annihilate all our adversaries. May he remove obstacles from our path and protect us from evil like the boatman taking travelers across the turbulent sea.)

तामग्निवर्णां तपसा ज्वलन्तीं वैरोचनीं कर्मफलेषु जुष्टाम्। दुर्गां देवीं शरणमहं प्रपद्ये सुतरसितरसे नमः ॥
अग्ने त्वं पारया नव्यो अस्मान् स्वस्तिभिरति दुर्गाणि विश्वा। पूश्च पृथ्वी बहुला न उर्वी भवा तोकाय तनयाय शंयोः ॥ (RV 1.189.2)
(To her who is the hue of fire with her blazing spiritual heat, consort of the Divine, and bestowed of the fruits of action we surrender. To the Goddess who is the remover of difficulty I take refuge falling at her feet. Oh Divine gondolier, carry us across this arduous world. Oh God of Fire, worthy of praise, lead us by secure means through all hindrances. May our residence and land be prosperous and may our children be happy)

विश्वानि नो दुर्गहा जातवेदः सिन्धुं न नावा दुरिताति पर्षि। अग्ने अत्रिवन्मनसा गृणानोऽस्माकं बोध्यविता तनूनाम् ॥ (RV 5.4.9)
(Oh conduit of our oblations to the divine, remover of impediments, just as in the safety of a boat takes us across this ocean of turmoil, lead us through adversity. Oh God of Fire, may you, like the Great Sage concerned with the welfare of all beings, secure our welfare)

पृतनाजितं सहमानमुग्रमग्निं हुवेम परमात्सधस्थात्। स नः पर्षदति दुर्गाणि विश्वा क्षामद्देवो अति दुरितात्यग्निः ॥
प्रत्नो हि कमीड्यो अध्वरेषु सनाच्च होता नव्यश्च सत्सि। स्वां चाग्ने तन्वं पिप्रयस्वास्मभ्यं च सौभगमायजस्व ॥ (RV 8.11.10)
(Let us invoke the God of Fire, the vanquisher of the host of enemies, the invincible, from the highest places of assembly. May he take us safely across the impermanent world of illusion. May you, who are adored in sacrifices, multiply our joy. You are present among the officiates of sacrifices as the ancient and the new.

गोभिर्जुष्टमयुजो निषिक्तं तवेन्द्र विष्णोरनुसंचरेम। नाकस्य पृष्टमभि संवसानो वैष्णवीं लोक इह मादयन्ताम् ॥
(We worship thee who is unsullied and all pervading. May the Goddess who is all pervasive and who dwells in the highest region of heaven, bless us with happiness in this world. May we realize Katyayani, the primordial power. Let us meditate on the Virgin Goddess. May that Durga illumine us.)


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