Siman “Cyrus” Gooljar

Siman "Cyrus" Gooljar
Siman "Cyrus" Gooljar
Cyrus Gooljar Car
Cyrus Gooljar Car

Siman Gooljar born: September 28, 1996, better known as Cyrus Gooljar is a Guyanese singer,songwriter and actor.

Born in the village of Fyrish, Guyana, he is the second child and only son of Harrilall Gooljar “Booby” and Kamini Devi Bisram “Sandy”. Friends and family remember Cyrus as a happy child, but a “bit of a loner” who was often bullied. Once, a group of bullies severely injured Cyrus head in assault, Cyrus spend most of his time drawing and writing poems, As a child he was interested in story telling, aspiring to be a comic-book artist before discovering hip hop.

At the age of 12, during a lunch break, Cyrus saw a group of seniors rapping and got inspired which led him writing a diss-rap while listening to Eminem, Cyrus then when from being a nobody to the most popular kid in his school.

In 2012 Cyrus was elected prom-king then reelected in 2013.Cyrus began and on-and-off relationship with Arefa and Melesa but broken the heart of Arefa, Cyrus and Melesa broken up a year later which led him on writing his first single “Broken Pieces”. At the age of 17,few months after Cyrus’s parents Bobby and Sandy separated before his 18 birthday.

In 2015, Cyrus began a relationship with Avisa that lasted 2 years after she broke his heart, which led him on a downfall that made him try committing suicide by crashing his car but survived. He then decided to pursue a career in music, and he relocated to New York. He launch his first album “Broken Pieces”.

In 2015 he had his first Interview at Guyana Times Daily.

Broken Pieces
Stay With Me Girl
Only Girl
Broken Pieces
Love Love
Sexy Girl
We Used To Be
Best Friends
My Heart Only Beats For You
My Universe
Memory Lane
Back It Up And Roll
Go Down Low
Merry Christmas

As A Headliner
Broken Pieces Tour (2015-2017)

Why Be A Villain When A Hero Never Dies”

“Pain Is Pain Until It’s Real”

When You Feel Like Your Stuck In A Cage, Just Get Up And Break That Fucking Lock Off!

Written by Ella Leaps

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