Garnet Beharry

Sleep in Peace Garnet Beharry


Rest in Peace, Sadgati and Please accept our Condolences are common courtesies extended to those who have lost loved ones. You may also hear SIP or Sleep in Peace but reminiscing about the life of Garnet Beharry gives this phrase an even more ethereal feel.

In Canada on March 6th 1990, Garnet came home, as most working men do. He played with his sons 3 year old Imran and 1 year old Saleem, put them to sleep and then went to bed. His children awoke the next morning but he did not.

In many cultures, to die in one’s sleep is a peaceful and honourable way to pass but for Garnet, many would argue it came too soon.

He was born on October 4th 1964 and was only in his mid twenties when he passed leaving behind 2 small children and a wife to grieve.

Saleem & Imran Beharry
Saleem & Imran Beharry 1990

His sons have chosen to remember their father by posting the following to social media:

You’ve heard GI Beharry and myself talk about our dad for years, well here is a pic of our king the great Garnet Beharry. I was only 1 year 7 months when died so I have no recollection of a single moment spent with him. All I know about my father are the stories that I hear… you may have left this world but not my soul dad, your legacy will live forever through your sons… I love you dad, #GoneButNotForgotten ❤🙏🏽

Here’s My King The Great Garnet Beharry! Everything I do in this life I always think of you dad! May you find eternal peace! This year makes it 30 years you left us! Love you dad and miss you dearly! 😢🙏❤️ #GoneButNotForgotten #KingOfKings #GarnetBeharry

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