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Princess Priya – Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy By Princess Priya


Princess Priya Does A 2018 Chutney Soca Song Called Sugar Daddy, This Is In Reply To Ravi B’s Start Over. This Track Was Produced By Big Rich In The D Pungalunks Factory.


He Say That He Leaving Me
Cause I Done All He Money
And Ah Cah Make No Roti
And I Only Want Kfc

So Bring The Fire Water
White Oak Or Tequila
Ah Need Ah Sugar Daddy To
Take Way He Money X2

He Begging Pleading Leave Him Alone
And I Done Make Him Take Out A Loan
And Petrotrin Close And He
Have No Work Because Of Me

I Have No Time For Your Sorrows
I Have To Do My Hair Nails And Toes
Boi Yu Stressing Me With Yu Sad Stories
That Yu Have No Money

He Saying He Leaving Me
But I Still Cannot Believe
Why The Fella Lying On Me
And Say That I Using He

So Bring The Fire Water
White Oak Or Tequila
Ah Need Ah Sugar Daddy
To Take Way He Money X2

So I Leave The Man And I Gone Away
Now The Fella Calling Me Everyday
And He Wanna Know When I Making Time
To Lime With He

I Don’t Care Much About You
I Get A New Purse Watch And Shoe
I Have My Sugar Daddy
And Also I Don’t Need You

So Boi You Could Go And Leave
I Get My Sugar Daddy
I Don’t Need Your Money
Cause He Buy A Benz For Me

So No More Fire Water
Just Henne And Tequila
Ah Get My Sugar Daddy
Now I Have No Worries X2


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