Kavita Ramkissoon – Tac Tac

Kavita Ramkissoon Tac Tac [2019]
Kavita Ramkissoon Tac Tac [2019]


Tac Tac Is A 2019 Soca Chutney Sung By Kavita Ramkissoon, This Track Was Produced By Rishi Mahato In The Maha Studios.


Big big tac tac gone crazy for meh pomerac
De pomerac so sweet de tac tac have to eat
He bite it so hard that I get so mad

He crawl up de tree, ah waiting to see
Like he come from de back to attack
I try to hit him, he not budging
He not even getting side track…

This tac tac for real, donno what’s his deal
He come back again from below
He crawling up slow, like nobody know
He feeling like he isa pro ….

I should have been smart, straight from the start
And figure out this slack tac tac
But what he don’t know is that I run this show
Then ah slap him and I break he back…
Transcribed by ReannaS



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