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  • Mere Patlie Kamar Lyrics by Bidjanwatie Chaitoe

    Description Song: Mere Patlie Kamar taken from the Movie: Mere Lal (1966), Starring: Dev Kumar, Indrani Mukherji (dancer), Mala Sinha. Director: Satyen Bose, Lyrics: Mazruh Sultanpuri, Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal.

  • Baithak Gana Mix

    Description Best Baithak Gana Surinamese Songs is a mix of some of the greatest Baithak Gana hits of all time. Baithak Gana is a music genre from Suriname. It is similar to Chutney Music and is often referred to in Trinidad as “Tent Singing”. The genre preserves the Classical elements brought here by the forefathers.…