Ravi B, Kenneth Supersad, Master Saleem, Savita Singh, Rawytee Ramroop, Adesh Samaroo, Nisha Ramsook and Veejai Ramkissoon – Let’s Get Vaccinated against Covid 19

Let's Get Vaccinated-'Official Music Video' featuring our top artistes of the Chutney Soca Industry

Let’s Get Vaccinated-‘Official Music Video’ featuring our top artistes of the Chutney Soca Industry

Savita Singh – Patriotic Songs

Paritosh Kumar Sinha, right, performs a patriotic song, with by Savita Singh, during the ceremony marking the 72nd Republic Day of India

Description 🇮🇳Savita Singh sings Patriotic Song at 72nd India Republic Day Celebration 2021🇮🇳 Lyrics No lyrics have been submitted by user Listen YouTube Subscribe Donate Please consider Donating to keep our culture alive Promote this Post

Queens of Chutney & Soca

Queens of Chutney & Soca

Description 👑 Queens of Chutney & Soca Mix Nailah,Nessa,Patrice,Nadia, Savita,Rani, Sonia,Sanjana,Alison,Kavita 👸 LADIES RULE!!! Queens of Chutney & Soca Mix 🇹🇹 🇬🇾 🇳🇱 🇸🇷 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇯🇲 Nailah Blackman, Nessa Preppy, Patrice Roberts, Nadia Batson, Savita Singh, Rani Datai, Sonia Singh, Sanjana Malhoe, Savita Singh, Alison Hinds, Kavita Ramkissoon, Shenseea. 0:00 Nessa Preppy Tingo Official…… Continue reading Queens of Chutney & Soca

Chutney Soca 2021 Mix

2021 Chutney Soca Mix

Description Chutney Soca 2021 Mix Ravi B, GI, Master Saleem, Savita Singh, Beenie Man, Rick Ram, Rikki Jai,Nigel 00:00:00 Ravi B – Headsot (Chutney Soca) 00:01:13 Ravi B – Start Over (Chutney Soca) 00:02:10 Kalyan Kedar Kyun Mere Ft Andreia Stoleru OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 00:03:19 Rick Ram Satie Why Yuh Official Music Video 2019 Chutney…… Continue reading Chutney Soca 2021 Mix