Talking Meh Name By Bunty Singh & Mc Drew P

Talking Meh Name By MC Drew P (2019 Chutney Soca)



Talking Meh Name Is A 2019 Chutney Soca Song Sung By Mc Drew P, This Track Was Produced By Bunty Singh In The Bkvj Studios.


1 verse = She cant cook a duck and she cant cook a hen
Chorus = she talking my name she talking my name (2)
Telling everybody
That I dont care for she
Lying and complaining to all my family.
She gone and run she mouth that saying I put she out…
She only talking me name..2……..

…I pack up me things
ah going guyana
To reach kusila..
Plan to bring she canada
…now we get marry
Things was going happy..
soon as i gone work is my story out she mouth..
Saying i dont give she no money
She lying to my family….
She talking my name

Car house and land
I give she everything
She getting all the loving
What 00ever she want I buying…

Kfc and churches
Even Chinese
I feed she
I bathe she
Ah dress her like a queen..
Pack yuh things and go away
Stop stress me every day….
Cause you talking me



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